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Economics of the Mortgage Market

Perspectives on Household Decision Making

David Leece

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The analysis of the mortgage market is a specialised field butexamines a financial market with extremely wide-rangingimplications; it affects the stability of the whole economy. The key thing about this analysis is the increasing importanceof the secondary mortgage market - which in the US is nowseveral times larger than the market for government debt. The UKsecondary mortgage market is also growing and the book will providea timely resource to those active and interested in this importantfinancial market. The 1990s saw an enormous growth of mortgage market analysis asan academic subject and there is a vast literature scattered amongthe key real estate journals. There is now a great need to not onlybring this very complex subject area together, but also to abstractthe main issues and to render them intelligible. The book willprovide an organised research resource and also inform and motivatefurther research into the microeconomics of mortgage markets.


s references and portrayal of empirical works are veryhelpful in the sense of presenting and investigating theoreticalfundamentals.

Building Research & Information 33(4) 2005
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