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Cities of Europe

Changing Contexts, Local Arrangement and the Challenge to Urban Cohesion

Yuri Kazepov (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Stadt- und Regionalsoziologie


Cities of Europe is a unique combination of book and CD-ROMexamining the effects of recent socio-economic transformations onwestern European cities. * * A unique combination of book and CD-ROM examining the effectsof recent socio-economic transformations on western Europeancities. * Focuses on the interplay between segregation, social exclusionand governance issues in these cities. * Takes a comparative approach by highlighting the specifics ofEuropean cities vis-à-vis other urban contexts and analysingthe intra-European differences. * The CD-ROM features a series of 2,000 photographs fromseventeen cities (Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Berlin,Birmingham, Brussels, Bucharest, Helsinki, London, Milan, Naples,New York, Paris, Rotterdam, Tirana, Turin, and Utrecht). * Also features 126 thematic maps, interviews with establishedscholars, and literature reviews. * The book and the CD-ROM are linked through an extensivecross-referencing system.


Michael Harloe, University of Salford, UK.
"Cities of Europe is a unique publication in two senses.First, it brings together a remarkable group of leading urbanscholars to produce an in-depth examination of contemporaryEuropean cities that is unrivalled in the breadth and depth of itsanalysis. Second, it is a highly innovative publication, using CDROM technology to add extra dimensions to our understandingvisually and through interviews with many of the contributors tothe volume. As a result ordinary books about cities will now seemsomewhat threadbare in comparison to Cities of Europe. It isa major contribution both to our understanding of cities and ofcontemporary European society and culture."
Hilary Silver, Brown University, Providence,US.
"The scientific cooperation that produced Cities ofEurope demonstrates that the European Union entails more thanmarket integration. In identifying a distinctive European cityideal-type, this collection turns a Eurocratic alphabet soup ofresearch projects -- ESOPO, URBEX, UGIS, EUREX -- into a tastybroth of thoughtful insights about contemporary urban socialproblems. American urbanists will derive theoretical sustenancefrom the introductory essays, and, despite the famine of urbanpolicy in the US, can feast upon the variety of state interventionsin European cities."
Robert A. Beauregard Milano Graduate School of Management and Urban Policy, New York,US
"Unmercifully vexing to urban scholars is the gap between thetexts that they produce and the myriad ways in which the city isactually experienced. With its wonderful CD-Rom, Cities ofEurope engages the reader in closing the breach."
"This valuable compendium provides strong essays by majorEuropean scholars on social divisions, spatiality, and policiesthat clarify post-Fordist/postwelfare European cities, and a CD-ROMwith supporting materials and 2,000 images of relevant places."
Geographical Review
"Valuable to our knowledge about urban sociology.Blackwell has a long tradition of publishing high-quality books inits 'Studies in Urban and Social Change'series."
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