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Herman Melville

An Introduction

Wyn Kelley

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This unique introduction explores Herman Melville as he describedhimself in Billy Budd-"a writer whom few know." Moving beyond therecurring depiction of Melville as the famous author ofMoby-Dick, this book traces his development as a writerwhile providing the basic tools for successful critical reading ofhis novels. * * Offers a brief introduction to Melville, covering all his majorworks * Showcases Melville's writing process through his correspondencewith Nathaniel Hawthorne * Provides a clear sense of Melville's major themes andpreoccupations * Focuses on Typee, Moby-Dick, and BillyBudd in individual chapters * Includes a biography, summary of key works, interpretation,commentary, and an extensive bibliography.


-John Bryant, Hofstra University
"Read alongside Melville's original writings, this book will be an excellent companion for a Melville course. Essential." (Choice, November 2008)"In Herman Melville: An Introduction, Wyn Kelleyoffers new and sharp insights as well as the basics of Melvillestudies in a thoroughly engaging voice for all readers,undergraduate and above."
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