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Television Truths

Forms of Knowledge in Popular Culture

John Hartley

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Television Truths considers what we know about TV, whetherwe love it or hate it, where TV is going, and whether viewersshould bother going along for the ride. This engaging volume,written by one of television's best known scholars, offers a newtake on the history of television and an up-to-date analysis of itsimaginative content and cultural uses. * * Explores the pervasive, persuasive, and powerful nature oftelevision: among the most criticized phenomena of modern life, butstill the most popular pastime ever * Written by John Hartley, one of television's best knownscholars * Considers how television reflects and shapes contemporary lifeacross the economic, political, social and cultural spectrum,examining its influence from historical, political and aestheticperspectives * Probes the nature of, and future for, television at a time ofunprecedented change in technologies and business plans * Provides an up-to-date analysis of content and cultural uses,from the television live event, to its global political influence,through to the concept of the "TV citizen" * Maps out a new paradigm for understanding television, for itsresearch and scholarship, and for the very future of the mediumitself


-Jonathan Gray, author of Watching with The Simpsons:Television, Parody, and Intertextuality, co-editor ofFandom: Identities and Communities in a Mediated World
"The author describes this broad survey as 'a sustained reflection on the tensions produced by the problem of knowledge in and about television.' Hartley argues that television's history and historiography have not been well done thus far. The book as a whole offers something of a philosophy of television. Recommended." (Choice Reviews, December 2008)"Grand in scope, bold, witty, and engaging, TelevisionTruths fashions a provocative new philosophy for the study andappreciation of both TV and a TV polity."
-Horace Newcomb, Director, George Foster Peabody Awards,The University of Georgia
"As always, John Hartley's provocative arguments andexamples push against the boundaries and restrictions ofconventional approaches. His focus on the multiple contexts oftelevision adds greatly to our store of key questions about'television.'"
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