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Essential Mathematics and Statistics for Forensic Science

Craig Adam

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Chemie


This text is an accessible, student-friendly introduction to thewide range of mathematical and statistical tools needed by theforensic scientist in the analysis, interpretation and presentationof experimental measurements. From a basis of high school mathematics, the book developsessential quantitative analysis techniques within the context of abroad range of forensic applications. This clearly structured textfocuses on developing core mathematical skills together with anunderstanding of the calculations associated with the analysis ofexperimental work, including an emphasis on the use of graphs andthe evaluation of uncertainties. Through a broad study ofprobability and statistics, the reader is led ultimately to the useof Bayesian approaches to the evaluation of evidence within thecourt. In every section, forensic applications such as ballisticstrajectories, post-mortem cooling, aspects of forensicpharmacokinetics, the matching of glass evidence, the formation ofbloodstains and the interpretation of DNA profiles are discussedand examples of calculations are worked through. In every chapterthere are numerous self-assessment problems to aid studentlearning. Its broad scope and forensically focused coverage make this bookan essential text for students embarking on any degree course inforensic science or forensic analysis, as well as an invaluablereference for post-graduate students and forensicprofessionals. Key features: * Offers a unique mix of mathematics and statistics topics,specifically tailored to a forensic science undergraduatedegree. * All topics illustrated with examples from the forensic sciencediscipline. * Written in an accessible, student-friendly way to engageinterest and enhance learning and confidence. * Assumes only a basic high-school level prior mathematicalknowledge.


(Reviews,December 2010)
"The book's main selling point is its pedagogical approach to makethe contents relevant to the intended audience by usingsubject-specific examples. This is successful in the main, withexamples originating from a wide variety of areas in forensicscience, so that neither the forensic biologist nor the forensicchemist or physicist need to feel neglected. It is even morecommendable that Craig Adams manages to find a forensic context forthe development of essential skills, such as the computation ofconcentrations from spectrophotometric measurements and theplotting of standard curves for HPLC data."
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Mathematik, Statistik, Angewandte Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung u. Statistik, Chemistry, Analytische Chemie / Forensik, Forensische Wissenschaft, Chemie, Statistics, Forensics, Genetik, Applied Probability & Statistics