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Fundamentals of Seismic Loading on Structures

Tapan K. Sen

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This book provides a practical guide to the basic essentials ofearthquake engineering with a focus on seismic loading andstructural design. Benefiting from the author's extensivecareer in structural and earthquake engineering, dynamic analysisand lecturing, it is written from an industry perspective at alevel suitable for graduate students. Fundamentals of Seismic Loading on Structures isorganised into four major sections: introduction to earthquakes andrelated engineering problems, analysis, seismic loading, and designconcepts. * From a practical perspective, reviews linear and non-linearbehaviour, introduces concepts of uniform hazard spectra, discussesloading provisions in design codes and examines soil-structureinteraction issues, allowing the reader to quickly identify andimplement information in a working environment. * Discusses probabilistic methods that are widely employed in theassessment of seismic hazard, illustrating the use of Monte Carlosimulation with a number of worked examples. * Summarises the latest developments in the field such asperformance-based seismic engineering and advances in liquefactionresearch. "There are many books on earthquake engineering, but feware of direct use to the practising structural designer. Thisone, however, offers a new perspective, putting emphasis on thepractical aspects of quantifying seismic loading, and explainingthe importance of geotechnical effects during a major seismic eventin readily understandable terms. The author has succeeded inmarrying important seismological considerations with structuralengineering practice, and this long-awaited book will find readyacceptance in the profession." Professor Patrick J. Dowling CBE, DL, DSc, FIStructE, HonMRIA, FIAE, FREng, FRS Chairman, British Association for theAdvancement of Science Emeritus Professor and Retired ViceChancellor, University of Surrey

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