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Bayesian Analysis of Gene Expression Data

David Gold, Veera Baladandayuthapani, Bani K. Mallick, et al.

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie, Stochastik, Mathematische Statistik


The field of high-throughput genetic experimentation is evolvingrapidly, with the advent of new technologies and new venues fordata mining. Bayesian methods play a role central to the future ofdata and knowledge integration in the field of Bioinformatics. Thisbook is devoted exclusively to Bayesian methods of analysis forapplications to high-throughput gene expression data, exploring therelevant methods that are changing Bioinformatics. Case studies,illustrating Bayesian analyses of public gene expression data,provide the backdrop for students to develop analytical skills,while the more experienced readers will find the review of advancedmethods challenging and attainable. This book: * Introduces the fundamentals in Bayesian methods of analysis forapplications to high-throughput gene expression data. * Provides an extensive review of Bayesian analysis and advancedtopics for Bioinformatics, including examples that extensivelydetail the necessary applications. * Accompanied by website featuring datasets, exercises andsolutions. Bayesian Analysis of Gene Expression Data offers a uniqueintroduction to both Bayesian analysis and gene expression, aimedat graduate students in Statistics, Biomedical Engineers, ComputerScientists, Biostatisticians, Statistical Geneticists,Computational Biologists, applied Mathematicians and Medicalconsultants working in genomics. Bioinformatics researchers frommany fields will find much value in this book.


(The Quarterly Review of Biology, 1March 2012)
"The target audience for this book is clearlystatisticians rather than biologists ... It does provide a veryuseful overview of statistical genomics for anyone working in thefield."
(Mathematical Reviews, 2011)
"Bioinformatics researchers from many fields will find muchvalue in this book."
(Book News, December2009)
"Experienced readers will find the review of advanced methodsfor bioinformatics challenging and attainable. This book willinterest graduate students in statistics and bioinformaticsresearchers from many fields."
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Probability & Mathematical Statistics, Statistik, Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung u. mathematische Statistik, Bayessches Verfahren, Statistics, Life Sciences, Genetik, Biowissenschaften, Genetics