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Trading Regime Analysis

The Probability of Volatility

Murray Gunn

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Trading Regime Analysis is a groundbreaking work on howmarkets behave and how to profit from this behaviour. The bookdescribes that it is the human nature of markets which explains whythis behaviour exists and whether one believes in fundamental ortechnical market analysis, the ebb and flow of volatility is theone undeniable truth that exists in financial and commoditymarkets. It is the up and down cycles of volatility that is themanifestation of human psychology as the ultimate driver of marketsand volatility, like human behaviour, has a distinct cycle toit. * Offers in detail the methods that can be used to identifywhether a market is about to start trending or about to enter aperiod of range trading * Highlights important applications for this analysis forinstitutional investors, asset allocators, hedge fund managers andretail investors * Provides unique content as there are no existing titles ontrading regime analysis

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