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A Practical Guide to Heart Failure in Older People

Chris Ward (Hrsg.), Miles Witham (Hrsg.)

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Heart failure is effectively a disease of older people. Eightypercent of patients are over 65 years old, and the majority ofthese are over 75. This figure is likely to increase significantlyin the next two decades. The prognosis is worse than that of mostcancers and heart failure is the commonest reason for hospitaladmission in the over 65s. The problems associated with treating heart failure in olderpatients are more diverse and complex than in those who areyounger. The diagnosis in older patients is easily overlooked andas they were excluded from most heart failure treatment trialsthere has been a reluctance to treat them optimally (fewer than 20%are prescribed conventional medicines). They have multipleco-morbidities which are poorly managed, they are repeatedlyhospitalised, and suffer social isolation. These important age-related treatment and management problemshave been largely ignored and this book aims to redress thebalance. It provides a concise, comprehensive account of theepidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment, management andend-of-life care of elderly patients with heart failure, based onpublished studies. A Practical Guide to Heart Failure in Older People is essentialreading for geriatricians, cardiologists, general hospitalphysicians, family practitioners and specialist nurses. * Specifically addresses the particular needs of theelderly, a largely ignored group who constitute the majority ofpatients with heart failure * Presents a concise yet comprehensive account of theevidence relating to the diagnosis, treatment and management ofheart failure in this population * Improves awareness of the various roles within themanagement team



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