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The Analysis of Tidal Stream Power

Jack Hardisty

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This text integrates a wide range of research and tidal resourcetheory and data to present a detailed analysis of the physics andoceanography of tidal stream power devices together with a worldwide resource analysis. Clearly structured throughout the book isdivided into two distinct parts. Part One provides the theoretical background to the subject anddeals with the historical development of the harmonic method forthe synthesis of tidal currents; the principles of fluid and tidalflow and the principles of device ducts, turbines and electricalsystems. A review and analysis of more than forty tidal streampower proposals is also discussed. Part Two provides a comprehensive overview of current practice.The economic modelling of tidal stream power installations iscovered with more than three hundred current meter records fromaround the world used to analyse the potential and cost of tidalstream power on a global basis. Hallmark Features: * reviews the tidal resources around the world * complete analysis of tidal stream power systems * includes historical information on tidal science andbiographical information on major figures * concentrates on engineering physical geography rather thanengineering specifics * includes a website with a wide range of computer models, dataand simulations

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