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Handbook of Service User Involvement in Mental Health Research

Michaela Amering, Jan Wallcraft, Beate Schrank, et al.

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Medizin


Service user involvement in mental health research posesspecific challenges for both researchers and service users. The book describes the relevant background and principlesunderlying the concept of service user involvement in mental healthresearch, providing relevant practical advice on how to engage withservice users and how to build and maintain research collaborationon a professional level. It highlights common practical problems inservice user involvement, based on experience from variouscountries with different social policies and suggests ways to avoidpitfalls and common difficulties. The book helps researchers decide which level of service userinvolvement will be adequate for their research activities and whatwill be feasible in view of the practicalities involved. It is alsoideal for service users who are interested in becoming involved inresearch, providing relevant background information on thepossibilities of involvement in professional research.


(Nursing Times, 17September 2012)
"Anyone involved or wanting to become involved in serviceuser involvement in research would find plenty to inspire andchallenge in this book."
(MHRN newsletter, July 2011)
"The emphasis in the handbook is of recovery and for research tobe purposeful and useful in supporting this ... Reading this as aservice user/carer, it gives optimism and hope as there are manygood examples of personal stories and recovery - includingrecovery from schizophrenia which sends out a strong message."
(Mental Health Practice, 1June 2011)
"This engaging, helpful and well-informed handbook offers acomprehensive and thorough revievw of service user involvement inmental health research, covering issues ranging from values andcollaboration to control and power."
(BritishJournal of Psychiatry, December 2010)
"The book may be of interest to those wanting to understand whatuser involvement can mean as well as those who have experienced itand want to extend their knowledge and research skills. Its scopemeans that chapters are necessarily brief but references areprovided to follow up on interesting debates and topics."
(The Bridge Newsletter,2011)
"My perspective, as a researcher who works with service users,is that this is a useful resource to dip in and out of for adviceabout practical issues that arise when working with service users,e.g. payment. The book clearly explains what needs to be consideredin paying service users. I found this advice was not readilyavailable elsewhere when I needed it."
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