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Social Psychology of Punishment of Crime

Margit E. Oswald (Hrsg.), Jorg Hupfeld-Heinemann (Hrsg.), Steffen Bieneck (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


In recent years, research interest has increased both in the needs of punishment by the public and in the psychological processes underlying decisions on sentencing. This comprehensive look at the social psychology of punishment focuses on recent advances, and presents new findings based on the authors' own empirical research. Chapters explore the application of social psychology and social cognitive theories to decision making in the context of punishments by judges and the punitiveness of laymen. The book also highlights the different legal systems in the UK, US and Europe, discussing how attitudes to punishment can change in the context of cultural and social development.


-John Darley, Warren Professor of Psychology andPublic Affairs, Princeton University, USA
"Systematic research on the social psychological functions ofpunishment has been scarce, and this broad-gauged and comprehensiveedited volume brings together many excellent chapters on activeresearch programs being conducted in Europe and America. Theeditors have brought together a book that is now where punishmentscholars will go to acquaint themselves with work that relates totheir own lines of inquiry. Others will go to learn what ishappening in what is now a fast-moving and exciting research area.Our gratitude to the editors."
-Kevin M. Carlsmith, Assistant Professor ofPsychology, Colgate University, USA
"Social Psychology of Punishment of Crime is a tour deforce of cutting edge research in the psychology of punishment. Theeditors have assembled the unique international perspectives ofrising stars and established experts from Psychology, Sociologyand Criminology in single complete volume. The work is bothempirical and theoretical, and readers will find it to be fresh andenduring."
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