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Computational Modelling and Simulation of Aircraft and the Environment, Volume 1

Platform Kinematics and Synthetic Environment

Dominic J. Diston

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Maschinenbau, Fertigungstechnik


This first volume of Computational Modelling of Aircraft and theEnvironment provides a comprehensive guide to the derivation ofcomputational models from basic physical & mathematicalprinciples, giving the reader sufficient information to be able torepresent the basic architecture of the synthetic environment.Highly relevant to practitioners, it takes into account themulti-disciplinary nature of the aerospace environment and theintegrated nature of the models needed to represent it. Coupledwith the forthcoming Volume 2: Aircraft Models and FlightDynamics it represents a complete reference to the modellingand simulation of aircraft and the environment. All major principles with this book are demonstrated usingMATLAB and the detailed mathematics is developed progressively andfully within the context of each individual topic area, therebyrendering the comprehensive body of material digestible as anintroductory level text. The author has drawn from his experienceas a modelling and simulation specialist with BAE SYSTEMS alongwith his more recent academic career to create a resource that willappeal to and benefit senior/graduate students and industrypractitioners alike.


(TheAeronautical Journal, May 2010)
"Overall this is an excellent book which leads the reader though aclear description of the subject and is easily navigated so that italso makes a good reference. I would not hesitate to recommend thisbook to novice and experienced practitioners of Earth modelling,inertial navigation, GPS systems and the like."
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