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SmartHelp for Good 'n' Angry Kids

Teaching Children to Manage Anger

Frank Jacobelli, Lynn Ann Watson

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


SmartHelp for Good 'n' Angry Kids provides thereader with an innovative tool for determining a child'sindividual learning strengths, and for pairing this informationwith specific, carefully crafted activities that teach the childabout anger and its appropriate expression. * Provides innovative tools for identifying each child'sindividual learning strengths * Includes Personalized Learning - providing primary,secondary and tertiary techniques to suit your child * A vital supplement to standard psychotherapeutic approachessuch as play therapy, cognitive behavioural, family therapy andtraditional anger management techniques


(Behavioural & CognitivePsychotherapy, 2012)
"In short, a highly commendable book that I reallyenjoyed."
-Lynn D. Johnson, Ph.D., author of Enjoy Life!Healing with Happiness and Get on the Peace Train: TheJourney from Anger to Harmony
"We love our children and they drive us crazy. Frank Jacobelli andLynn Ann Watson give us the road map back to sanity and compassion.This is a wonderful work that all can benefit from. I hope you willread it carefully and with an open heart."
-Howard Glasser, author of Transforming theDifficult Child (1999)
"SmartHelp for Good 'n' Angry Kids is a greatcontribution to the evolving field of knowledge in ways to trulyunderstand and address the needs of children who have the range ofissues with anger. Frank Jacobelli and Lynn Ann Watson are mastersof this subject and bring forth their wisdom with both brillianceand a loving heart."
-Jay Carter, Psy.D., best selling author of NastyPeople and four other international books
Finally, a behavior management workbook which is effective andfun to use. It is tailored to your child's individuallearning style. A practical, readable guide that makes sense of theoften misunderstood emotion of anger. Anger has a purpose. What isanger for, and what to do with it? The authors' usual,down-to-earth style gives you the answers. Angry child? This is thebook you have been waiting for!"
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