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The JPEG 2000 Suite

Athanassios Skodras (Hrsg.), Peter Schelkens (Hrsg.), Touradj Ebrahimi (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Elektronik, Elektrotechnik, Nachrichtentechnik


The JPEG 2000 Suite provides a comprehensive overview of thebaseline JPEG 2000 standard and its extensions. The first part ofthe book sets out the core coding system, additions to the standardand reference software. The second part discusses the successfuldeployment of JPEG 2000 in application domains such as videosurveillance, digital cinema, digital television, medical imaging,defence imaging, security, geographic imaging and remote sensing,digital culture imaging and 3D graphics. The book also presentsimplementation strategies accompanied by existing software andhardware solutions. * Describes secure JPEG 2000 (JPSEC), interactivity protocols(JPIP), volumetric image data compression (JP3D) and imagecompression in wireless environments (JPWL), amongst others. * Uses a structure which allows for easy cross-reference with thecomponents of the standard. * Sets out practical implementation examples and results. * Examines strategies for future image compression techniques,including Advanced Image Coding and JPEG XR. * Includes contributions from international specialists inindustry and academia who have worked on the development of theJPEG 2000 standard. * Additional material can be found at The JPEG 2000 Suite is an excellent introduction to theJPEG 2000 standard and is of great appeal to practising electronicsengineers, researchers, and hardware and software developers usingand developing image coding techniques. Graduate students takingcourses on image compression, digital archiving, and data storagetechniques will also find the book useful, as will graphicdesigners, artists, and decision makers in industries developingdigital applications.

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Imaging Systems & Technology, Elektrotechnik u. Elektronik, Remote Sensing, Fernerkundung, JPEG2000, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Bildgebende Systeme u. Verfahren