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The Innovation Manual

Integrated Strategies and Practical Tools for Bringing Value Innovation to the Market

David Midgley

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Management


The Innovation Manual provides a solution to the problemsfaced by those at the forefront of innovation. It takes you throughthe seven topics that have the highest impact on the success ofvalue innovation, be this innovation a new product, a new serviceor a new business model. The seven topics are: - Creating advantage in the minds of many - Chartering innovation within the organization - Preparing, developing and supporting the right team - Placing customers at the centre of innovation - Changing the organization to deliver the innovation - Motivating the right partners and sharing the returns - Building momentum in the market Each topic is linked to an organized toolkit that allowsmanagers to apply this knowledge immediately. The tools sit withinan overall framework to show how they build on and reinforce oneanother. Along with this, the book guides busy managers on applyingthe tools properly, detailing the relevance of each for specificindustries, and how to customize them when necessary.

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