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Photosensitisers in Biomedicine

Mark Wainwright

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Mikrobiologie


Photosensitisers in Biomedicine offers clear andcomprehensive coverage of the many different photosensitiser types,including information on their many applications that now extendbeyond anticancer therapy. These applications now includephotoantimicrobial treatments not only in microbial disease, butalso in the microbial resistance to conventional drugs, which iscircumvented by photomicrobial action. The application ofphotoantimicrobials in biological fluids is also of considerableimportance in the current era of HIV and is discussed in the book. This text offers the most up-to-date coverage ofphotodynamic therapy including information on how photosensitisershave evolved within the field of cancer therapy and more recentlyantimicrobial research. There are few books on the market that takethe approach of this text, as many are either conference based orfocus on the chemistry of photosensitisers. Photosensitisers in Biomedicine is clearly defined intothree distinct parts beginning with a clear introduction to thevarious types of photosensitisers. The book then moves on todiscuss the chemistry of photosensitisers and closes with theirnumerous applications, for example, photodynamic therapy,photodiagnosis, photodynamic antimicrobial chemotherapy (PACT) andother non-oncological applications such as optical, arterialplaques and stents.

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