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Beating Low Cost Competition

How Premium Brands can respond to Cut-Price Rivals

Adrian Ryans

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Low cost competitors, who offer "good enough" productsand services at very attractive prices, are currently significantlyimpacting the businesses of many leading companies, and some arestarting to "move up" to challenge the traditionalcompanies in their core markets. It's only a matter of timebefore most companies will feel the pressure from these aggressive,cut-price competitors. Beating Low Cost Competition offers a step-by-step structured approach to helpexecutives in traditional companies with premium brands thinkthrough the options for responding to their low cost rivals andselect the most appropriate strategy to win in their chosenmarkets. By examining a wide-ranging group of companies from around theworld, Adrian Ryans provides numerous examples of how differentcompanies in different industries have responded to low costcompetitors and analyses the effectiveness of their strategies. Healso discusses the leadership and cultural challenges that manycompanies are facing as they take steps to respond to their lowcost rivals. Ultimately, the insights gained from this book will lead tobetter and more profitable business decisions. Adrian Ryans is Professor of Marketing and Strategy at IMD,Lausanne, Switzerland. He has designed and taught on executiveprograms for organizations in North America, Europe, Australia andAsia, including GE, Bank of Montreal, Medtronic, Deloitte,Borealis, Saurer, Vestas, IBM, Boeing, National Semiconductor,BioWare, ASML, Holcim, Varian, Hoechst, Amgen, Fluke, LSI Logic,Hutchison Port Holdings and Qualcomm. He has also acted as aconsultant for a number of leading global corporations.

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