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Unified Financial Analysis

The Missing Links of Finance

Ioannis Akkizidis, Marco Rustmann, Rami Entin, et al.

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Unified Financial Analysis arrives at the right time, in themidst of the current financial crisis where the call for better andmore efficient financial control cannot be overstated. The bookargues that from a technical perspective, there is no need formore, but for better and more efficiently organized information. The title demonstrates that it is possible with a single butwell organized set of information and algorithms to deriveall types of financial analysis. This reaches far beyondclassical risk and return or profitability management, spanning allrisk categories, all valuation techniques (local GAAP, IFRS, fullmark-to-market and so on) and static, historic and dynamicanalysis, just to name the most important dimensions. The dedication of a complete section to dynamic analysis, whichis based on a going concern view, is unique, contrasting with thestatic, liquidation-based view prevalent today in banks. Thecommonly applied arbitrage-free paradigm, which is too narrow, isexpanded to real world market models. The title starts with abrief history of the evolution of financial analysis to create thecurrent industry structure, with the organisation of many banksfollowing a strict silo structure, and finishes with suggestionsfor the way forward from the current financial turmoil. Throughout the book, the authors advocate the adoption of a'unified financial language' that could also be the basis for a newregulatory approach. They argue that such a language isindispensable, if the next regulatory wave - which is surelyto come - should not end in an expensive regulatorychaos. Unified Financial Analysis will be of value to CEOs andCFOs in banking and insurance, risk and asset and liabilitymanagers, regulators and compliance officers, students of Financeor Economics, or anyone with a stake in the finance industry.

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