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Marketing Planning by Design

Systematic Planning for Successful Marketing Strategy

Ralf Strauss

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Werbung, Marketing


Marketing is under immense pressure to perform: required to submitreports to management, judged by the sales department based onwhether it helps sales, scrutinized by financial controllingregarding how efficiently it uses budgets, and last but not least,under constant review by customers, markets and the public.Marketing faces more dilemmas and conflicts of interest than anyother part of a company. The reason for this lies in the lack of a plan for marketingplanning. This book not only identifies numerous examples of this problemas experienced by businesses, it also offers ways of solving theproblem. Ralf Strauss highlights a 7 phase process for marketingplanning, where the potential marketing can reach is demonstrated.Useful check lists included in this book allow the readers toreadily create their own 'plans for a marketingplanning'. With insights drawn from more than 150 case studies included inthe book, Marketing Planning by Design covers areassuch as: * How to overcome existing hurdles of marketing planning andmarketing strategy. * How to set up a project for managing the marketing planningcycle. * How to develop a really target group and content drivenmarketing planning, which is stepwise cascaded from a program,campaign down to a tactical level. * How to make marketing accountable in terms of performancemeasurement. * How to implement an enhanced marketing planning in theorganisation. * How to systematically integrate Web 2.0 into marketingplanning, or how to link marketing with modern IT. This highly practical book is destined to be a must-havereference work on any marketer's desk.


--AdrianaNuneva, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, HeidelbergerDruckmaschinen AG
"Marketing Planning by Design not only helps internationallyactive companies to organize their marketing function moreefficiently, it also provides medium-sized companies a blueprintfor creating and securing high marketing efficiency. Web 2.0 andnumerous other new challenges demand the methodical preservationand safeguarding of marketing - beyond individually motivatedgut decisions. The book lays the foundation for that."
--Dr Rainer Hillebrand, Member of the Board ofDirectors, Otto Group
"Time and again, marketing has to justify its demand formarket-oriented corporate management. Marketing Planning byDesign vividly covers how to meet this demand with systematic,well-grounded marketing planning with content aimed at the targetgroup, and lots of inspiration for practical application. It is aplea for the quest for top performance in marketing with high addedvalue."
--Benno Lohausen, Memberof the Management Board, edding AG
"Medium-sized companies are increasingly faced with thechallenge of choosing the right marketing options from an evergrowing selection. A limited budget has to be implementedefficiently, as all that counts at the end of the year is success.The book offers clear planning aids that answer all essentialquestions to help you achieve a sound marketing plan in sevenphases. A competent plan which also enjoys the trust of thecompany's growth drivers is a basic requirement forimplementing successful campaigns. The content and structure ofthis book help marketing professionals and relevant areas to shapeand optimize the planning process."
--Prof Dr Detlef Schoder,Department of Information Systems and Information Management,University of Cologne
"Marketeers are under increased pressure. One reason is novelrole models of the customers (see Web 2.0) -they become moreand more part of the value creation process -they are also'prosumer', creator and consultants to their peers.Another reason is the never seen before demand for justifyingmarketing investments, quantifying results and proof of efficiencyand effectiveness of any marketing action. This calls forstate-of-the-art marketing planning. This book pinpoints anexcellent marketing planning approach. Clearly structured andenriched with real world examples and proven tools it is amust-read for any marketer. The structure of marketing planninglaid out in this book will also foster to extract furtherrequirements on all applications in the marketing planning arena aswell as on information management (e.g. data management orcollaborative filtering)."
--Ralf Klein-Boelting, General AuthorizedRepresentative for Corporate Marketing and Communications, DeutscheBahn AG, Berlin
"Marketing Planning by Design heralds the big change inmarketing to date. Thanks to the Internet and Web 2.0, masses ofpeople outside the boundaries of traditional hierarchies canproduce goods, services and content. In order to understand theopportunities this presents for companies as well as to get furtherclarity on the tangible benefits of marketing, this book is a clearmust-read."
--Woodruff W. Driggs,Managing Director - CRM, Accenture, Boston (Mass.)
"Dr Strauss provides much-needed insight for answering thatage-old question, how do we measure return on marketing investment?For marketers who care about producing results that matter, onecould hardly imagine a more timely and important topic."
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