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ECG Interpretation

The Self-Assessment Approach

Robert Conner, Zainul Abedin

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Medizin


Accurate interpretation of the ECG is an essential skill for allhealth professionals. Using a unique self-assessment format, thisbook presents a comprehensive, incremental approach to ECGinterpretation, progressing from basic to advanced concepts inelectrocardiography. Amply illustrated with electrocardiograms bothin the main text and the self-assessments, ECGInterpretation is a must-have practical guide that features: * An appealing, user-friendly format that will help withexam preparation * Clearly defined learning objectives to guide readersefficiently through the intricacies of ECG interpretation * Numerous practical examples of ECG strips to illustrateimportant concepts, including clean ECG strips to practiceskills * Multiple-choice questions to consolidate learning andemphasize pertinent facts This second edition has been thoroughly revised from theoriginal 12-lead ECG Interpretation: The Self-AssessmentApproach, with fully updated text, additionalelectrocardiograms and new chapters covering a variety ofarrhythmias and ion channelopathies. The book is an essential aidto structured learning for electrophysiologists cardiologists intraining, Internists, emergency room physicians, , medicalstudents, nurses and. cardiac technicians.

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