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Anesthesia for Cardiac Surgery

David A. Zvara, James A. DiNardo

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This comprehensive, state of the art overview of pediatric andadult cardiac anesthesia brings together all the latestdevelopments in this rapidly developing field. This text isintended both as a reference and for daily use by practicing andprospective anesthesiologists. Thoroughly updated for its third edition, Anesthesia forCardiac Surgery fills the gap between encyclopaedicreferences and brief outlines, presenting just the right amount ofinformation to guide trainees and practitioners who care forcardiac surgical patients. This edition features: * The introduction of Dr Zvara as co-editor * A new chapter on Special Considerations * Practical clinical information coupled with comprehensivedescriptions of physiology * Key facts and tables summarized for convenient access This essential resource will prove invaluable for residents,fellows, and practicing anesthesiologists.


(Anaesthesia and Intensive Care,November 2009)
"Easy to read.... A useful complementary text which will improveunderstanding and clinical practice for training registrars andpractising anaesthetists."
(Journal of the AmericanMedical Association, December 2008)
"It is compact straightforward and easy to read and offersvaluable information.... It is obvious that the editors areseasoned educators because the text reflects information thatsatisfies the natural inquisitive nature of new trainees. Thistextbook is a practical straightforward guide for residentstraining in cardiothoracic anesthesia. The stated objectives of theauthors have been met by offering a text that distills theessential knowledge ... into a succinct and well written text. Ihighly recommend this textbook as an educational tool for the corecurriculum in training programs."
"...this book is a prime example that a nearly 'one-man show'can result in a fine textbook...focused, comprehensive prose andexcellent illustrations...I would recommend this text as acomprehensive review..."



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