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Antiarrhythmic Drugs

A Practical Guide

Richard N. Fogoros

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If you prescribe for patients with arrhythmias, you will want tokeep this valuable paperback close at hand. The Second Edition ofthis valuable reference responds to changes in the availablemedications as well as in the way they are currently used. The book reviews everything you need to understand and prescribetoday's antiarrhythmic drugs: * * mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias and how antiarrhythmic drugsalter those arrhythmias, including common adverse effects * which factors to consider in using these drugs for treatment ofsupraventricular tachyarrhythmias, ventricular arrhythmias, andarrhythmias in pregnancy * a detailed review of atrial fibrillation to help you makedecisions for patient management in this complicated area Dr. Fogoros considers all the most recent drugs, plus promisingdrugs under investigation, to give you a full picture oftherapeutic options. With Antiarrhythmic Drugs: A PracticalGuide, Second Edition, you will have dependable information onhow each drug works and when each one is indicated so you can giveyour patients the best possible treatment.

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