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A Guide to Hellenistic Literature

Kathryn Gutzwiller

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Klassische Sprachwissenschaft / Literaturwissenschaft


This book is a guide to the extraordinarily diverse literature ofthe Hellenistic period. * A guide to the literature of the Hellenistic age, from thedeath of Alexander the Great in 323 BCE to the Battle of Actium in31 BC * Provides overviews of the social, political, intellectual andliterary historical contexts in which Hellenistic literature wasproduced * Introduces the major writers and genres of the period * Provides information about style, meter and languages to aidreaders with no prior knowledge of the language in understandingtechnical aspects of literary Greek * Distinctive in its coverage of current issues in Hellenisticcriticism, including audience reception, the political and socialbackground, and Hellenistic theories of literature


(Journal of the Classical Association of Canada, Winter2009)
"Kathryn Gutzwiller is a renowned and well-respected scholar, andher wide ranging publications have contributed greatly to the risein scholarly estimation that the field now enjoys. Accordingly a guide to the subject by such a knowledgeable andinfluential specialist is both a timely and welcome addition to thehandbooks and companions to classical authors already available."
(Scholia Reviews, 2009)
"This book is likely to dispel more of the inherited prejudiceagainst Hellenistic literature. The guide is rich in detail andsuccinct comments, yet very readable ... .Gutzwiller manages togive life (albeit brief in most cases) to the prominent writers ofthis period."
(Greece andRome, Vol 55 No. 2 2008)
"Kathryn Gutzwiller's [Guide to Hellenistic Literature]is exceptionally good...Gutzwiller covers a lot of ground innot very much space, without the exposition ever appearing eitherskimpy or cramped, and gives a good sense of the breadth anddiversity of Hellenistic literature (not just poetry), along with abasic understanding of the historical, social, and culturalcontext. This is a model of the genre."
(Bryn Mawr Classical Review, November 2008)
"An up-to-date handbook on the literature of the period from thedeath of Alexander to the Roman conquest of Egypt -- something longneeded in the field of Classics. As one of the leading scholars ofHellenistic poetry in North America, Gutzwiller has helped to shapethe discourse of the critical issues in that field, and herpresentation of poets and poetry in this guide is alwayswell-informed and interesting. But what makes this guide sovaluable to the classical community as a whole is the broad scopeof the literature it presents ... .Students of Greekliterature, from undergraduates to specialists, will findinteresting observations and connections throughout the guide. NoClassicist should be without it. This guide consistently offerselegant proof of how modern discoveries and the application ofcritical theories have enriched our knowledge and appreciation ofHellenistic literature. Gutzwiller's guide expertly summarizes whatwe know about this period's literature, charts scholarly approachesto it, and should -- I hope -- help to plot the path for futureresearch."
(New EnglandClassical Literature)
"Gutzwiller serves as an expert eyewitness to literaturewhich is, at the least, complex even for classicists and, moreoften, wholly inaccessible to the non-scholarly reader. Like anytravel guide, such a tour cannot replace what it describes, but israther an invitation to visit the sites on one's own. More than anyother book available today, [it] opens the door to this rich andexciting period of Greek literary history."
-Dee L. Clayman, City University of New York
"An internationally recognized authority, Gutzwilleroffers an engaging and stimulating guide to the field. This elegantand useful guide has much to offer both new and long-standingreaders of Hellenistic literature." (ChoiceMagazine)"Simply said, this is a superb book. It is fresh, readable,and liberated from the necessity of making a pronouncement on everytired, scholarly controversy. Instead it dares to take a wide viewof Hellenistic literature that forges connections between poetryand politics, literature and art, and science with all of theforegoing. A better guide to the subject is impossible toimagine."
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