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Randomized Controlled Trials

Questions, Answers and Musings

Murray W. Enkin, Alehandro R. Jadad

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Medizin


Randomized controlled trials are one of the most powerful andrevolutionary tools of research. This book is a convenient andaccessible description of the underlying principles and practice ofrandomized controlled trials and their role in clinicaldecision-making. Structured in a jargon-free question-and-answer format, eachchapter provides concise and understandable information on adifferent aspect of randomized controlled trials, from the basicsof trial design and terminology to the interpretation of resultsand their use in driving evidence-based medicine. The authors endeach chapter with their musings, going beyond the evidence orcitations, and sometimes even beyond orthodox correctness to sharetheir thoughts and concerns about different aspects of randomizedcontrolled trials, and their role within the health system. Updated to include insights from the last decade, this secondedition challenges over-reliance on randomized controlled trials bydebating their strengths and limitations and discussing theiroptimal use in modern healthcare. It also includes a new andincreasingly relevant chapter on the ethics of randomizedtrials. World renowned writers and thinkers Drs Jadad and Enkin bringyou this invaluable book for busy health professionals who wish tounderstand the theory of randomized controlled trials and theirinfluence on clinical, research or policy decisions.


(HerbalGram,February 2009)
"This well written book is both concise and comprehensive.This is the sort of book that students will appreciate when theyfirst learn about clinical trials the busy health professional willuse as a quick reference guide the lay person will understand andthe experienced investigator will benefit from because it willchallenge and defy current paradigms."
(Birth, September 2008)
"The most useful, important, relevant, thoughtful, andthought-provoking books about medical research ... .The readersof this new book may feel a little confused or tired or worriedabout aspects of clinical trials, but they are sure to find a greatdeal of help and support at the same time. Congratulations--asalways--to Alejandro Jadad and the unstoppable Murray Enkin."



Forschung im Gesundheitswesen, Gesundheits- u. Sozialwesen, Health Care Research, Health & Social Care