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Establishing a Heart Failure Program

The Essential Guide

Michael McIvor

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". . . every critical examination of HF therapy in theUnited States has documented that we are not using all the weaponsin our arsenal. We know what works, yet we are not systematicallyapplying these proven therapies." -- from the Introduction If you are interested in a better way to treat heartfailure, this book is for you. Dr. Michael McIvor - who hastaught thousands of healthcare professionals how to effectivelycare for patients with chronic HF through CME symposia -takes a logical, step-by-step approach to setting up and operatingthe kind of program that reduces hospital admissions and improvespatient care. Establishing a Heart Failure Program: The Essential Guideanswers the different questions posed by physicians, nursepractitioners, nurses, and hospital administrators, all of whomneed to work as a team to achieve success. The three major sectionsof the book address: * * Taking the first steps toward building your heart failureprogram - developing a business plan, choosing your model of care,and making accurate financial projections * Assembling the pieces of your program - managers, frontline staff, and the physical facility * Day-to-day operations A companion website presents forms you can download and use inyour own heart failure center. Drawing from experience, Dr. McIvorhelps you avoid common problems by identifying potential problemsand sharing advice that has proven effective to your colleagues. Hegives you the essential tools - unavailable elsewhere -to set up and maintain a heart failure program that achievessuperior clinical outcomes.



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