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The Blackwell Companion to Eastern Christianity

Ken Parry (Hrsg.)

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Now available in paperback, this Companion offers anunparalleled survey of the history, theology, doctrine, worship,art, culture and politics that make up the churches of EasternChristianity. * Covers both Byzantine traditions (such as the Greek, Russianand Georgian churches) and Oriental traditions (such as theArmenian, Coptic and Syrian churches) * Brings together an international team of experts to offer thefirst book of its kind on the subject of Eastern Christianity * Contributes to our understanding of recent political events inthe Middle East and Eastern Europe by providing much neededbackground information * May be used alongside The Blackwell Dictionary of EasternChristianity (1999) for a complete student resource


(Expository Times, November 2008)
"This book is written in scholarly fashion but is consistentlyhighly readable and engrossing. This is an excellent overview ofEastern Christianity."
"A masterful description of the major living traditions ofEastern Christianity. Its 24 chapters, each written by anaccomplished scholar in the field, address the dominant ethnic andcultural categories of Eastern Christianity (Arab, Byzantine, etc.)along with their most characteristic features (liturgy,iconography, and hagiography). Each offers a concise,well-organized, and highly readable overview of the tradition inquestion, along with a representative bibliography ... Highlyrecommended. Academic libraries and theological collections;upper-level undergraduates through faculty/researchers."
(Reference Reviews)
"A distinctive addition to the companion series and to itschosen sphere of knowledge."
(Church Times)
"Christian emigration, not least from the Middle East,means that there are growing communities of Eastern Christians inthe West ... Eastern Christians are now companions to Western;and the latter will learn much about the former from this BlackwellCompanion."
-Andrew Louth, University of Durham
"A worthwhile collection, and one that should prove useful."(Eccliastical History)"The Blackwell Companion to Eastern Christianity is quiteunlike anything else available. It provides a scholarly andauthoritative introduction to Eastern Christianity in its myriadvariety, covering all the different geographical regions from theBalkans to China and reaching across to the States, and includingall jurisdictions. It gives succinct accounts of their history anddoctrine, with separate sections on liturgy, iconography andhagiography. Brilliant!"
-John Healey, University of Manchester
"This latest addition to the Blackwell Companion seriesconstitutes the most comprehensive, authoritative and elegantaccount of the Eastern Churches ever published. Its twenty-fourchapters, each the work of a specialist, combine full accounts ofthe history and life of each church with a series of outstandingsurveys of their liturgical, iconographical and hagiographicaltraditions. The surveys of Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodoxliturgies are a formidable achievement and will be invaluable tostudents of liturgy Eastern and Western. This work is a definitivesynthesis which will stimulate interest in the Eastern Churches ata time when many of them are under threat because of politicalupheavals. It will also provide a starting point for the furtherstudy of their fascinating traditions. Scholarship will long be inthe debt of Ken Parry, the editor and organizing mind behind thiswonderful collection."
-Pauline Allen, Australian Catholic University,Brisbane
"A fitting companion volume to Parry's The BlackwellDictionary of Eastern Christianity, this large enterprise willbecome an indispensable reference work for the study of EasternChristianities from Egypt to China to USA. Particularly welcome isits emphasis on varying liturgical, iconographical, architectural,and hagiographical traditions."



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