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From Dictatorship to Democracy

Javier Tusell

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Regional- und Ländergeschichte


This comprehensive survey of Spain's history looks at themajor political, social, and economic changes that took place fromthe end of the Civil War to the beginning of the twenty-firstcentury. * A thorough introduction to post-Civil War Spain, from itsdevelopment under Franco and subsequent transition to democracy upto the present day * Tusell was a celebrated public figure and historian. During hislifetime he negotiated the return to Spain of Picasso'sGuernica, was elected UCD councillor for Madrid, and becamea respected media commentator before his untimely death in2005 * Includes a biography and political assessment of FranciscoFranco * Covers a number of pertinent topics, including fascism,isolationism, political opposition, economic development,decolonization, terrorism, foreign policy, and democracy * Provides a context for understanding the continuing tensionsbetween democracy and terrorism, including the effects of the 2004Madrid Bombings


(TheHistorian, 2011)
"The breadth of his knowledge - reflected both in the details ofthe narrative, including apt quote and anecdotes, and in hiscomparative references to other national case studies - makes thisbook a rich resource for contemporary historians of Spain."
Stanley Payne, University ofWisconsin-Madison
"This book will doubtless become a point of departure foranglophone readers wanting to understand the essential strands ofcontinuity in Spanish history since the civil war." (LateModern, 2010)"Javier Tusell, Spain's leading historian of twentieth-centuryissues, has given us a brilliant account of that country'scontemporary history. By far the best single volume to read."
Charles Esdaile, University of Liverpool
"An important new study. With Spain more polarised in the wakeof the bombings of 11 March 2004 than at any time since the CivilWar, it will be required reading for all those interested in thehistory and politics of the Iberian Peninsula."
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