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The Handbook of Geographic Information Science

John P. Wilson (Hrsg.), A. Stewart Fotheringham (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Geografie


This Handbook is an essential reference and a guide to therapidly expanding field of Geographic Information Science. * * Designed for students and researchers who want an in-depthtreatment of the subject, including background information * Comprises around 40 substantial essays, each written by arecognized expert in a particular area * Covers the full spectrum of research in GIS * Surveys the increasing number of applications of GIS * Predicts how GIS is likely to evolve in the near future


"Eachchapter contains a valuable list of literature, and the book endswith an exten-sive, 15-page index. This makes this textbook avaluable and useful companion for students of geoinformation,geoinformatics, geocompu-tation, and geoprocessing(GIScience), as well as for experienced scientists andprofessionals applying GIS."
(Journal of Regional Science, May2009)
"This book is quite extraordinary value providing a timelyand extensive review of much of the discipline. Serious researchersand students alike should see it as an essential addition to theirGIScience library."
(Reference Reviews, Issue 62008)
"The topics covered are wide ranging, covering many aspects ofGI science ... .A good spread of authors from Europe, NorthAmerica and Australia."
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