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Leadership Lessons from West Point

Doug Crandall (Hrsg.)

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With Leadership Lessons from West Point as a guide, leaders in the business, nonprofit, and government sectors can learn leadership techniques and practices from contributors who are teaching or have taught at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and have served in positions of leadership that span the globe. These military experts cover a broad range of topics that are relevant to any leadership development program in any sector. The articles in this important resource offer insight into what leadership means to these experts--in both war and peacetime--and describe their views on quiet leadership, mission, values, taking care of people, organizational learning, and leading change.


--Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, coauthors of the best-sellingbook, The Leadership Challenge
"A wonderfully impressive book. It's impressive because of theauthors' credentials--all are leaders in their ownright--and because of their honesty. Rarely will you find moreopen, self-disclosing discussions of failure, courage, and honor.It's impressive because it's heartfelt . . . it's about selflessservice, honesty, and integrity--things we need to hear moreabout from our leaders. Leadership Lessons from West Point willrenew your hope, restore your faith, educate your mind, and expandyour horizons. We highly recommend it."
head, Duke BasketballProgram
"Attention to detail, going about jobs correctly, andunderstanding that no job is too large or too small are just a fewof the major aspects included in the West Point experience . . .Leadership Lessons from West Point does a great job ofcapturing those values and many others." --Mike Krzyzewski, "Coach K,"
--Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School, best-sellingauthor of Confidence: How Winning Streaks and Losing StreaksBegin and End
"All those concerned with developing leaders for every walk oflife should welcome this compilation of important lessons frominside West Point, producer of the cream of the crop."
--Patrick Lencioni, author, The Five Dysfunctions of aTeam
"The people at West Point have so much to teach all of us abouthow to lead, and any student of leadership will want to have thisbook on their shelf for continuous learning and reference."
--John Alexander, president, Center for CreativeLeadership
"The highly personal and compelling essays in this book offer afascinating portrait of how the U.S. Military Academy approachesleadership education."
--Scott A. Snook, associate professor of organizationalbehavior, Harvard Business School
"Anyone interested in the 'L-word' will find this humblesampling of tacit knowledge refreshing and insightful."
--Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Management at theUniversity of Southern California and author, On Becoming aLeader
"An outstanding volume of leadership lessons relevant and usefulto any institution."
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