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Studying Shakespeare

A Guide to the Plays

Laurie Maguire

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This engaging book draws on all of Shakespeare's plays to show theycan still be used as a guide to life. * * Introduces beginning students and general readers toShakespeare's plays by highlighting the connections between theissues addressed by the plays and those of our own time. * * Focuses on the characters, situations and stories inShakespeare which are still familiar today. * * Shows how Shakespeare's plays illustrate some of life's mostfamiliar stories - love and obsession, parents and children, sexand politics, suffering and revenge * * Makes Shakespeare's plays accessible to the widestpossible audience.


Dypmna Callaghan
"This brilliant and inspirational book offers new insight into thework and world of William Shakespeare and offers freshdemonstration of his relevance for our own lives and troubles. Atonce immensely erudite and extraordinarily accessible, Maguireshows how broken-hearts, dysfunctional families, domestic violence,and other personal and social problems, was all grist forShakespeare's theatrical imagination. Alongside unflinchingcriticism of a world-gone-wrong, Shakespeare also offered hisaudiences solace and hope. The top book on Shakespeare this year,Studying Shakespeare should be on everyone's bookshelf and on TheTimes Best Seller list."
"Maguire's book is fiesty, informative and stimulating."
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