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Encountering Nationalism

Jyoti Puri

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Völkerkunde


Encountering Nationalism introduces students to concepts ofnationalism in an accessible, critical, and timely way. Abstractarguments are bolstered by clear and specific examples drawn frommomentous events and from the well of everyday life, such as theaftermath of September 11, beauty pageants, ethnic conflicts, andsexual respectability. Encountering Nationalism is anengaging introduction to the diverse meanings of nationalism andits most important aspects. * * Addresses the rise of nationalism in the US post-September11. * Brings together "culturalist" and state-centeredapproaches to nationalism. * Underscores the importance of race, gender, sexuality,ethnicity, and religion to understanding nationalism. * Clarifies key concepts such as nationalism, nation, state,gender, sexuality, etc. * Contains useful examples to illustrate key aspects ofnationalism. * Features clear and engaging prose.


Ethnic and RacialStudies
"Puri is particularly good at demonstrating the extent to whichnationalisms are gendered ... The book is an interpretative essaythat seeks to realign debate on its subject. In this it ischallenging and interesting."
International Journal of ContemporarySociology
"The book explicitly discusses the wide array of debatescentered around the theme of nationalism and therefore acts as awork that provides a seminal undersatnding of the issue ofnationalism."
- Cynthia Enloe, ClarkUniversity
"This is a wonderful entry point for students and faculty tryingto get a grip on the often slippery but politically fraught idea,and practice, of nationalism. Puri puts earlier discussions ofnationalism into a post-September 11 focus. Moreover, she bringsthe ongoing debates about the nature and uses of nationalism up todate by showing how central to nationalism are presumptions aboutwomen, and sexuality."
- Nira Yuval-Davis,University of East London
"This is a thoughtful introduction to the field of nationalism.It successfully analyzes the gendered and sexual dimensions ofnationalist projects, and contextualizes them within global,economic, and political relations of power during the colonialperiod and the present day."
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Cultural Studies, Kulturwissenschaften, Race & Ethnicity Studies, Rassen- u. Ethnienforschung