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Same-Sex Cultures and Sexualities

An Anthropological Reader

Jennifer Robertson (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sonstiges


This book demonstrates the centrality of sex, gender, and sexualityto theories of human behaviors and practices. * * Moves beyond other "lesbian and gay studies"readers by presenting a broader view of the significance ofstudying same-sex cultures and sexualities across cultures. * Offers readings from all four subfields of anthropology:cultural, biological, linguistic, and archaeological (along withhistorical and applied anthropology). * Includes discussion of biotechnology and bioethics, health andillness, language, ethnicity, identity, politics, post-colonialism,kinship, development, and policymaking.


"It is volumes like this one that allow us to see all sortsof new connections and possibilities. The vibrant thematiccoherence of these articles is intellectually exciting, and one cangenuinely say that, in this volume, the whole is far greater thanthe sum of its parts. It is a particular strength that the articlescome from across the anthropological subfields."

Margaret Conkey, University of California, Berkeley

"An exquisite collection! The ethnographic reach andtheoretical sophistication of this reader ensure that it isdestined to become a classic reference and an indispensable toolfor teaching. In addition to its contributions to the study ofsame-sex cultures, it boldly articulates anthropology'sspecial claims and unique role in the study of humansexualities."

Gayle Rubin, University of Michigan

"An exceptionally coherent collection, with uniformlystrong contributions. Same-Sex Cultures and Sexualities is alucid demonstration of the ways that research on same-sexsexualities has intervened in and redefined core problems anddebates in anthropology and history."

Mary Hancock, University of California, Santa Barbara
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