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Gareth B. Matthews

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Philosophie


This lucid survey takes readers on a thought-provoking tour throughthe life and work of Augustine. * Explores new insights into one of antiquity's mostimportant philosophers * Topics Include: skepticism, language acquisition, mind-bodydualism, philosophical dream problems, time and creation, faith andreason, foreknowledge and free will, and Augustine's standingas a 'Socratic philosopher'.


Sarah Byers, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
"...we are all indebted to Matthews for continuing to drawattention to Augustine's philosophical range and relevance."
William Mann, University of Vermont
"Matthews is one of the world's leading authorities- perhaps the leading authority - on Augustinethe philosopher. In this book, he provides a series of vignettes ofAugustine in philosophical action: arguing against the skeptics,worrying about the nature of time, trying to dissipate the tensionsbetween foreknowledge and free will, and trying to figure out whatcounts as a lie. There is no one better equipped to spot theseissues and subject them to sensitive, sympathetic, yet criticalanalysis."
Scott MacDonald, Cornell University.
"Matthews's beautifully clear voice, penetratingeye, and delicate touch bring Augustine's puzzles andarguments vividly to life for twenty-first-century readers. Whilethere is no better general introduction to Augustine'sphilosophical ideas, Matthews's Augustine holdstreasures for scholars and specialists as well."
"Matthews style throughout the book is very easy to read. Heincludes many lengthy quotations whether this be Augustine, Hume,or Zeno... This is a very good book. It will prove useful for allgraduate and post-graduate students, as well as any armchairphilosopher and theologian!"
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Geschichte der westlichen Philosophie, Philosophy, Philosophie, Historical Western Philosophy