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The Life of John Milton

A Critical Biography

Barbara Lewalski

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Englische Sprachwissenschaft / Literaturwissenschaft


Providing a close examination of Milton's wide-ranging prose andpoetry at each stage of his life, Barbara Lewalski reveals a ratherdifferent Milton from that in earlier accounts. * * Provides a close analysis of each of Milton's prose and poetryworks. * Reveals how Milton was the first writer to self consciouslyconstruct himself as an 'author'. * Focuses on the development of Milton's ideas and his art.


"Lewalski's is easily the best single-volume life of Milton todate, and it is hard to imagine its being significantly bettered.Every reader will benefit from its insight and compression, and itwill be the biography to which I direct my students." Times Higher Education Supplement <!--end--> "Arguably the most readable of modern Milton biographies, itreshapes our understanding of Milton the man, the thinker,political and religious activist, husband, parent, friend iscertain to be a classic among Milton studies" ReferenceReviews "The Life of John Milton . . . combines lucidity with itsformidable erudition." Terry Eagleton, The Observer Books of the Year, 2001 "A rigorous, up-to-date, yet surprisingly readable account ofMilton's life and work... anyone concerned with the poet or theperiod will have to possess this book." The Independent "[Lewalski] has produced an outstanding biography, one that isreliable and readable. [...] It will be vaulable, not only toMilton specialists and students of English literature but to anyonewho wants to learn about Milton's life and work." Virginia Quarterly Review "Lewalski's volume is immensely useful. In the process ofdiscussing Milton's life and works, she gives the reader abelievable figure facing major events and also the everydaybusiness of moving through life. Such an appealing and readbaleportrayal is welcome." Renaissance Quarterly "As a biography of Milton, Lewalski's Life is likely toremain the definitive work for decades to come." ChurchTimes "The Life of John Milton is the magnum opus ofBarbara K Lewalski, one of the leading Miltonists of the pasthalf-century. [...] As an introduction to Milton's life and work itis likely to remain unequalled for years to come - that rare thing,a work of reference to be read with profit and pleasure from coverto cover." MLR "Her achievements scarcely need endorsement. Unsurprising, sheonce more surefootedly picks her way through the polemical prosewhile writing richly about the major poetry."
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