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Hinduism and Modernity

David Smith

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This examination of Hinduism in the context of modernity will be ofinterest to all students of Hinduism, as well as to thoseinterested in the sociology and history of religion. * * Shows Hinduism to be a highly dynamic world-view whichchallenges western notions of modernity. * Considers a broad range of topics including women, the castesystem, the self, divinities and gurus. * Contains up-to-date discussions of modern Hindu culture andbeliefs.


Laurie L. Patton, Emory University, The Journal ofReligion
"An excellent survey of the history of the Western encounters withIndia and Hinduism, highlighting in the process the inevitablemisunderstandings that resulted, some of which still persist inpopular portrayals of the religion. As such it is particularlyappropriate for its designated readership." Choice <!--end--> "Hinduism and Modernity will undoubtedly prove essentialfor all those interested in the history and methodology ofIndological Studies, and deservedly so. It provides an excellentintroduction to the relevant key trends, issues and concerns;indeed, Smith's bibliography alone is an invaluable resource. Thebreadth of Smith's work is staggering and his clarity and elegancein presenting it are remarkable." Andrew McGarrity, University of Sydney, Asian StudiesReview "In his book David Smith presents a comprehensive survey ofHinduism in relation to modernity. The book provides a fascinatingaccount of the interaction of Hinduism with modernity from the riseof rationalist discourse in the West, through colonialism andorientalism, to contemporary Hindu culture and the politics ofidentity. Controversial at times, particularly in its treatment offeminist and post-colonial critiques of Indology, the book willprovide an extremely useful focus for discussion in courses onSouth Asia and the transformations of religion in late modernity."Professor Gavin Flood, University of Stirling "Smith demonstrates his pedagogical abilities through aninsightful array of metaphors borrowed from popular Hinduism thathe uses to illustrate themes within Hinduism and modernity. Thisapproach serves him particularly well..." Timonthy C. Tennent, Associate Professor of World Missions,Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary "This 250 page book is innovative and informative. Itoffers a dynamic analysis of Hinduism in the perspective of westernnotions of modernity." Ezine Articles "Smith's book is courageous and bold, and it could redefine howstudents begin to learn what Hinduism is."
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