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Cultural Bodies

Ethnography and Theory

Helen Thomas (Hrsg.), Jamilah Ahmed (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Allgemeines, Lexika


Cultural Bodies: Ethnography and Theory is a unique collection that integrates two increasingly key areas of social and cultural research: the body and ethnography. * Breaks new ground in an area of study that continues to be a central theme of debate and research across the humanities and social sciences * Draws on ethnography as a useful means of exploring our everyday social and cultural environments * Constitutes an important step in developing two key areas of study, the body and ethnography, and the relationship between them * Brings together an international and multi-disciplinary team of scholars


Beverley Skeggs, University ofManchester
"An interdisciplinary text that offers cutting-edge theoretical andmethodological means for analyzing, understanding, and imagininghow the body materializes in cultural historical context andpractice." Heidi Nast, DePaul University <!--end--> "Bringing together some of the most challenging contemporaryresearch, this theoretical, empirical, experimental work presents aunique interdisciplinary understanding of how the body speaks,moves and interacts. It is fascinating, making visible some of theunknown and unseen parts and wholes of the body by exploring themateriality of physicality."



Social & Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Anthropology, Anthropologie, Soziale u. kulturelle Anthropologie, Kulturwissenschaften