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Dimensions of Moral Theory

An Introduction to Metaethics and Moral Psychology

Jonathan Jacobs

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Dimensions of Moral Theory examines the key presuppositions and philosophical commitments that support and shape moral theories.


David McNaughton, Keele University
"Dimensions of Moral Theory is clear, concise, and in closetouch with major texts in the history of ethics. It is remarkablycomprehensive for a short book, and it is outstanding for itsintegration of the presentation of basic positions in ethicaltheory and the analysis of major issues in moral psychology."Robert Audi, University of Nebraska <!--end--> "This book provides a lucid and engaging introduction to themajor issues of moral theory which gives a fine sense of thecomplexities of the subject while remaining thoroughly accessible.What particularly impressed me is the way that Jacobs shows therelevance of the thought of classical authors, such as Aristotle,Hume, and Kant, to contemporary debate. There is a real sense ofengaging in a continuing dialogue that spans the history of thesubject. The book also contains a helpful glossary and study aidsfor the student."
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