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A Practical Guide for Researchers in Health and Social Sciences

Linda Finlay (Hrsg.), Brendan Gough (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Medizin


Reflexivity is a popular tool used to analyse personal,intersubjective and social processes which shape research projects.It enables researchers, particularly within the qualitativetradition, to acknowledge their role and the situated nature oftheir research. In the current climate, which sees the popularityof qualitative methods coupled with increased public andprofessional scrutiny of research, reflexivity provides a means ofbolstering greater transparency and quality in research. This book recognises the considerable value of reflexivity toresearchers, and provides a means to navigate this field. The bookis foremost a practical guide which examines reflexivity atdifferent stages of the research process. The editors andcontributors offer candid approaches to the subject, which supplyreaders with diverse strategies on how to do reflexivity inpractice. Features * Provides an accessible, practical guide to reflexive researchprocesses, methods and outcomes * Encompasses both the health and social science fields * Includes contributions from international researchers The book is aimed at postgraduate and final year students ofhealth and social sciences. Interested clinicians will also finduseful insights in the text.


' excellent introductory text on the principles andpractices of reflexivity'

Qualitative Research in Psychology

'In an utterly accessible and compelling way, it has mappedout the terrain of reflexivity in qualitative research and invitedother to continue the journey'

Qualitative Research in Psychology

Pre-Publication Review Comments

I have enjoyed the reflexive journey very much, learned a lotand been excited to learn more. What else can one say of a wellwritten and thought provoking book? . . . This is a book that iswell overdue. I think it will attract a lot of interest -especially from those intrigued by methodology. I look forward tointroducing my students to this text and I wish the editors everysuccess. Vivien Hollis Professor and Chair, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine,University of Alberta, Canada



Gesundheits- u. Sozialwesen, Nursing, Health Care Research, Forschung im Gesundheitswesen, Health & Social Care, Krankenpflege, Nursing Special Topics, Spezialthemen Krankenpflege