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Renaissance and Reformations

An Introduction to Early Modern English Literature

Michael Hattaway

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Englische Sprachwissenschaft / Literaturwissenschaft


This volume offers a description of early modern habits of writingand reading, of publication and stage performance, and of politicaland religious writing. * An introduction to early modern English literature for studentsand general readers. * Considers the ways in which early modern writers construct thepast, recover and adapt classical genres, write about people andplaces, and tackle religious and secular controversies. * Illustrated with a profusion of excerpts from early moderntexts. * Writers represented include More, Erasmus, Spenser, Marlowe,Shakespeare, Donne, and Milton, as well as less well knownauthors.


Stephen Greenblatt
"A wonderful, bracing guide to Early Modern literature and culture.I admire Hattaway's deftness and skill at marking out theboundaries and illuminating what would otherwise lurk in thedarkness."
"A cliché-free zone, a most refreshing read for students aswell as teachers."
Arthur F. Kinney, University of Massachusetts,Amherst
"Renaissance and Reformations is an extraordinary achievement:Michael Hattaway's compact study of Early Modern literature beliesan astonishing command of the conditions of thought and writingthat produced it and does so with an unusual citation of all formsand genres, major and minor and newly-discovered texts. As aresult, he is able to take us into the imaginative processes of thetime to show us the sheer pleasures these works held as no otherstudy has done."
A. R. Braunmuller, University of California, LosAngeles
"Sharp insights and fresh examples fill Michael Hattaway'swelcome book. He enlightens new readers and those who thought theyknew 'that foreign country, early modern England' - its high, low,middling culture, its performances and rulers and ruled. All becomeunderstandable and beguilingly strange in Hattaway's volume. Headmirably 'asks "how" questions not "what" questions' and invitesreaders to think through ideas, texts, techniques, images,historical moments so they all become the reader's own."
Roger Pooley, Keele University
"Put this on your reading-lists."
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