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The Modern Novel

A Short Introduction

Jesse Matz

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Englische Sprachwissenschaft / Literaturwissenschaft


This book introduces readers to the history of the novel in thetwentieth century and demonstrates its ongoing relevance as aliterary form. * * A jargon-free introduction to the whole history of the novel inthe twentieth century. * Examines the main strands of twentieth-century fiction,including post-war, post-imperial and multicultural fiction, theglobal novel, the digital novel and the post-realist novel. * Offers students ideas about how to read the modern novel, howto enjoy its strange experiments, and how to assess its value, aswell as suggesting ways to understand and appreciate the moredifficult forms of modern fiction * Pays attention both to the practice of novel writing and totheoretical debates among novelists. * Claims that the novel is as purposeful and relevant today as itwas a hundred years ago. * Serves as an excellent springboard for classroom discussions ofthe nature and purpose of modern fiction.


Brian W. Shaffer, Rhodes College <!--end-->
"What makes the 20th century novel modern? What relations tomodernity make fiction experimental and new? Is the postmodernnovel a fiction of exhaustion or the replenishment of modernism'spurpose? In this detailed and readable book, Jesse Matz offersuseful answers to these questions and a guide to novels from Henryjames to Zadie Smith." Elaine Showalter <!--end--> "Jesse Matz's The Modern Novel: A Short Introduction is anambitious and impressive study of twentieth-century,English-language novels from both sides of the Atlantic and beyond... This appealingly written, jargon-free overview of the modernnovel will certainly change the way I think about - and teach- the field."
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