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A Brief History of Death

Douglas Davies

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sonstiges


The act of death itself and the rituals surrounding it varyenormously and shed a fascinating light on the cultures of whichthey are a part. In this brief and lively history, Douglas Davies- internationally acknowledged as one of the leading expertsin this field - tackles some of the most significant aspectsof death and weaves them into a compelling story about our changingattitudes to dying. * Offers a fascinating examination of this subject which is ofenduring interest in every culture in the world * Considers the profound influence death has had on subjectsranging from philosophy to anthropology, through to art,literature, and music - inspiring some of our most enduringartistic highpoints * Broaches some of the most significant aspects of death, such asthe act of dying, grieving, burial, artistic interpretations ofdeath, places of memory, the fear of death, anddisasters/tragedies * Weaves these numerous approaches to death into a compellingstory about our changing attitudes to dying * Contains several illustrations, and is written in an accessibleand lively style.


Times Higher Education Supplement
"The author reveals himself to be a sensitive and humane guide, in a book that ought to fascinate anyone interested in the existential conundrum of human morality."
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