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Meaning and Judgement

Michael Luntley

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / 20. und 21. Jahrhundert


In this important study, Michael Luntley offers a compellingreading of Wittgenstein's account of meaning andintentionality, based upon a unifying theme in the early and laterphilosophies. * * A compelling reading of Wittgenstein's account of meaningand intentionality. * Offers an important and original reading ofWittgenstein's key texts. * Based upon a unifying theme in Wittgenstein's early andlater philosophies.


DanielWhiting, University of Reading,Philosophical Investigations 28/4, October 2005
"The largely moribund state of current Wittgenstein scholarshipought to be radically changed for the better by this conspicuouslyinteresting and insightful book." Alan Thomas, PhilosophicalBooks "Michael Luntley offers a striking interpretation ofWittgenstein's philosophy, one aimed at displaying and defendingWittgenstein's positive contribution in the later work. The resultis a theory of the conditions for the possibility ofintentionality, a theory that identifies the subject as agent inthe world with that condition. Powerfully argued, this interestingand original treatment of Wittgenstein's later philosophy raises achallenge for all of us who find a social dimension inWittgenstein's account of intentionality and normativity."Meredith Williams, The Johns Hopkins University <!--end--> "Luntley provides an intriguing discussion of Wittgenstein'searly work, arbitrating judiciously between realist readings thatemphasise the place of reference in its account of language, andnon-realist readings that emphasise inference."
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Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Philosophie, Sprachphilosophie, Wittgenstein