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McDowell and His Critics

Graham MacDonald (Hrsg.), Cynthia Macdonald (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / 20. und 21. Jahrhundert


The most comprehensive discussion available of the work ofphilosopher, John McDowell. * Contains newly commissioned papers by distinguishedphilosophers on McDowell's work, along with substantialreplies to each by McDowell himself. * The contributors are philosophers with internationalreputations for their work in the areas in which they arecontributing. * Covers the whole of McDowell's philosophy, including hiscontributions in ancient philosophy, moral philosophy, philosophyof mind, philosophy of language, metaphysics andepistemology. * McDowell's replies to the contributions in this volumecontribute to the body of his work.


Bill Brewer, University of Warwick
"This is an excellent collection of essays on the wide-ranging workof one of the most significant and original philosophers of ourday. They raise some fundamental questions about McDowell's viewson a variety of topics, to which his own exemplary responsesprovide extremely valuable further elaboration and development ofhis thought."
Jennifer Hornsby, BirkbeckCollege
"A very welcome addition to the 'Philosophers and theirCritics' series: there is much to be learnt from theinterplay between the ten contributors' probing papers andMcDowell's responses to them."
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20th Century Philosophy, Philosophie, Philosophie des 20. Jhd., Philosophy, Epistemology, Erkenntnistheorie