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Effective Interprofessional Education

Development, Delivery, and Evaluation

Ivan Koppel, Marilyn Hammick, Scott Reeves, et al.

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This volume presents a practical guide to the development,application and evaluation of effective interprofessional educationin health and social care. It is both a practice manual for thosein hands-on roles and a reflective guide for those indirectlyinvolved in professional education. The book provides clear adviceon methods of establishing training and education programmes andevaluating their effectiveness, while simultaneously examining therelationship between initial application, ongoing maintenance andsubsequent assessment. The authors expound multiple points of viewthat will generate individual thinking and approaches to both thepractice and the estimation of interprofessional educationschemes. The book is divided into three sections: the first introducesthe differing approaches to professional education and therationale behind measuring their worth; the second part focuses onplanning, development and delivery; the third part advises in arobust and pragmatic way on modes of measuring the efficacy ofprogrammes. The interrelation of these topics is then examined toprovide a synthesised perspective on the development, delivery andevaluation of interprofessional education.


Learning in Health and Social Care, Vol 5, Issue 3
"The end notes, references and index are helpful and comprehensive.In addition, the examples given throughout the text serve todisseminate information about a wide range of IPE activitiesdelivered to various disciplines and with a range of evaluationsand outcomes. In summary, this is a book of great value foreducationalists."
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