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Effective Interprofessional Education

Argument, Assumption and Evidence (Promoting Partnership for Health)

Della S. Freeth, Hugh Barr, Ivan Koppel, et al.

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This volume presents a systematic review of interprofessionaleducation in health and social care. This is accompanied by awider-ranging critique of interprofessional education, grounded byexperience, and informed by sources beyond the evaluations thatqualified for inclusion in the review. Synthesising the evidencebase for interprofessional education nevertheless remains central,with 353 studies surveyed in the first instance, from which 107studies form the basis for the final analysis. The book does much more than amass evidence. It revisitsconventional wisdom; setting an agenda to help interested partiesperform better by applying lessons learned, remedying weaknessesand renewing efforts to address unanswered questions. The firstthree chapters set the scene for the systematic review and itsfindings. The middle section of the book articulates the findingsof the review. Finally, the closing chapters consider values andattitudes, theoretical perspectives and offer conclusions. Arguments, assumptions and evidence in this publication arepresented to inform policy making, programme planning, teaching andresearch.


Learning in Health and Social Care
"In summary, this book is a valuable resource for anyone alreadyinvolved in interprofessional education and for newcomers to thearea. It provides a clear picture of the current position of IPEand offers a sound framework for future development."
Journal of Interprofessional Care
"The authors have succeeded in synthesizing the evidence basefor IPE and in so doing have established a knowledge base relatedto good IPE past and present programs. That accomplishment initself is laudable; but the authors also have gone beyond thataccomplishment and challenged the field to do better... and inthe process have provided a blueprint for doing so."
Journal of Interprofessional Care
"Easy to read and a valuable resource to policy makers, programplanners, team leaders, teachers and researchers"
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