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Business Ethics and the Natural Environment

Lisa H. Newton

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Philosophie


Business Ethics and the Natural Environment examines thepresent status of relations between corporate enterprise and thenatural environment in the world today. *Discusses such questions as: What obligations does acorporation have toward the environment? To respect entitiesunprotected by law? To care about future generations? *Argues that environmentally-friendly business practicesyield dividends exceeding expectations, and that the competitivefirm of the 21st century will follow "green"standards *Provides a background in ethics, a survey of businessethics, an account of environmental philosophy, an overview ofenvironmental legal issues, and an account of the problemsassociated with globalization


Dennis J. Moberg, Santa ClaraUniversity, and President, Society for Business Ethics
"With business's renewed focus on sustainable growth,Newton's hopeful book comes at the right time, providing ustheoretically sound, eloquently presented, and practically wiseframeworks and conclusions."
Mark Sagoff,University of Maryland
"This excellent book perfectly balances philosophical andcase study analysis to help students explore within today'spolitical and legal framework the responsibilities of business andof individuals to the natural environment."



Applied Ethics, Angewandte Ethik, Philosophie, Philosophy