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Christ and Culture

Graham Ward

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Leading theologian Graham Ward presents a stimulating series ofreflections on Christ and contemporary culture. * Takes as its starting point Niebuhr's famous volume on'Christ and Culture' published in the 1970s * Explores representations of Christ from sources as diverse asthe New Testament and twentieth-century continentalphilosophy * Considers Christ and culture in the light of contemporarycategories such as the body, gender, desire, politics and thesublime * Develops an original and imaginative Christology rooted inScriptural exegesis and concerned with today's culturalissues * The author has been described as 'the most visionarytheologian of his generation'.


In this book Graham Ward lifts debates about Christ and culture toan unprecedented level of sophistication and at the same timedecisively moves them away from a theologically liberal ambiencetowards one that is genuinely orthodox and Catholic, but in a new,critical and unavoidably controversial mode. He most significantlyadvances our ability to tackle the question of what should be theChristian stance in the face of advanced modernity. JohnMilbank, University of Nottingham
s transcorporeal Christology challenges our secularcertainties and finds for us the promise of the transcendent in thetextual--and indeed sexual--negotiations of our alwaysencultured bodies. This is wonderfully mesmeric, bravura theology.Gerard Loughlin, University of Durham
Graham Ward has always written insightful and arrestingtheology, but in this book he exposits scripture, retrievestradition and interrogates culture with a yet more brilliant andsurer touch than ever before. His concern is with the culturalmediation of the Mediator, Jesus Christ, who, in the endlessdisplacements of his body, is not so much an identity to be knownas an operation, a movement, in which to participate. This book isabout the 'first born' of creation, the one by, for andin whom we live, the 'culture' by which we are given tobe. Ward'
Modern Theology
"New book attempts to break out of the Christian insularity toproduce a genuinely public theology of significant interest topostmodern philosophers and social theorists."



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