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Film and History

Martin M. Winkler (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Altertum


This is the first book systematically to analyze KirkDouglas' and Stanley Kubrick's depiction of the slaverevolt led by Spartacus from different historical, political, andcinematic perspectives. * Examines the film's use of ancient sources, the ancienthistorical contexts, the political significance of the film, thehistory of its censorship and restoration, and its place in filmhistory. * Includes the most important passages from ancientauthors' reports of the slave revolt in translation.


(Art &Archaeology, 2010)
"Boththe range of positions and also the excellent bibliographic notes(especially from Winkler and Ward) provide a fine basis for anystudent to develop their knowledge of the original events, themaking of the movie, or the political and cultural context of thetime."
(Cineaste, Spring 2009)
"Like [Winkler's] volumes on Gladiator andTroy, [Spartacus] has fascinating information andimpassioned arguments."
"The 11 essays by eight authors examine in depth theiconic classic from a variety of fascinating historical, political,and cinematic perspectives."
(Bryn MawrClassical Review)
"I thought i was becoming a little bored with Spartacus until Iread this book ... it made me remember why I found the subject sofascinating in the first place. This volume is invaluable foreveryone interested in epic movies, the Roman Republic, the ColdWar or the process of the appropriation of rebels."
(New EnglandClassical Journal)
"Winkler's Spartacus: Film and History breaksnew ground ... [an] invaluable volume."
(Classical Outlook)
"An outstanding and innovative volume that will be veryuseful to teachers and students of Classics and Cinema."
"As a study of a particular age and country in cinema history,the book does indeed make a contribution."
-Natalie Zemon Davis, author of The Return ofMartin Guerre and Slaves on Screen
"These essays - lively and learned - give new depth to the greatestgladiator film of all time. Historians and film scholars pool theirtalents to show afresh how Kubrick's Spartacus wasmade and what this ancient slave revolt means to us today."
-Paul Murgatroyd, McMaster University
"Nobody teaching a classics film course and no classics librarycan afford to be without this book. It is a major contribution toour understanding of one of the most popular and important films onthe ancient world. Packed with perceptive analysis and fascinatingfacts, this book approaches Spartacus from a wide variety ofperspectives, and there is admirable depth as well asbreadth."
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