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The Aesthetics of Cultural Studies

Michael Berube (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Allgemeines, Lexika


The subject of the aesthetic has returned to cultural and literarydebates with a vengeance. The Aesthetics of Cultural Studiesis a timely and authoritative collection of essays that analyze therole of aesthetics in American and British cultural studies, andreflect on its recuperation in the field. * * Contains first-rate, original essays that analyze the role ofaesthetics in American and British cultural studies, and reflect onits recuperation in the field. * Contributors are leading scholars, internationally based. * Includes substantial introductory material by the editor.


-Simon Frith, University of Stirling
"This book is a refreshing reminder that cultural studies ofpleasure can (and should) be pleasurable. Interesting questions,engaging voices, rueful disagreements, startling juxtapositions oftopic and concept. A book to make you laugh while thinking andthink while laughing. What more could anyone want?"
--Steven Connor, Birkbeck College
"These essays are both timely and hard-hitting. TheAesthetics of Cultural Studies shows how crucial theprovocation of cultural studies has been and remains for aestheticthought. No grown-up or wide-awake account of the place andpossibilities of the aesthetic can afford to ignore the argumentsconvened here."
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